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American Dairy Goat Breed Description

The Toggenburg is a Swiss dairy goat from the Toggenburg Valley of Switzerland. This breed is medium size, sturdy, vigorous, and alert in appearance. The hair is short or medium in length, soft, fine, and lying flat. Its color is solid varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with no preference for any shade. Distinct white markings are as follows: white ears with dark spot in middle; two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle; hind legs white from the hocks to hooves; forelegs white from knees downward with dark line (band) below knee acceptable; a white triangle on either side of the tail; white spot may be present at root of wattles or in that area if no wattles are present. Varying degrees of cream markings instead of pure white is acceptable, but not desirable. The ears are erect and carried forward. Facial lines may be dished or straight, never Roman.

Breed Description

The Toggenburg from Switzerland may tend to be the most angular of the major dairy breeds, being small and compact and showing a lot of width and depth. The head is wide between mellow eyes, and it supports short, narrow, alert ears. The muzzle is also deep and wide, but the bridge of the nose is strongly concave or “dished”. The coat may be long when not trimmed, and the hair is fine. The color is some shade of brown with white lining on the ears, white facial stripe, white lower legs, and white triangles at the base of the tail.

ORIGIN: Switzerland

Toggenburg Does
Conformation and General Appearance: Very angular, longer than tall, very wide. She is alert and stylish.
Height: 26″ or more at withers
Weight: 120 pounds or more.
Head: Very wide and deep; very dished nose; deep, wide muzzle.
Eyes: Large, wide apart, bright, alert.
Ears: Short, narrow, very alert and erect.
Neck: Long, slender, clean, no dewlap, wattle common.
Body: Angular, very deep and wide; ribs open, wide apart, slanting to rear and flatly shaped; sharp withers, wide chest; only, wide sloping rump.
Legs & Feet: Strong, straight, wide apart and square; feet small, clean, square, and true; strong pasterns.
Coat: Loose, pliable skin; hair longer, especially on back and thighs; glossy.
Colors: Brown, ranging from dark chocolate to light fawn. Distinct white markings around ears, white stripe down each side of face from above the eye to the white muzzle. White cannon and white triangle on each side of base of tail.
Udder: Capacious, soft, pliable, globular, well-attached, even, prominet veins; well-formed and well-delineated teats.
Toggenburg Bucks
Conformation and General Appearance: Very angular, longer than tall, very wide.
Height: 28″ or more at withers
Weight: 160 pounds or more
Head: Wide, trim, clean-cut, very dished, very full beard.
Ears: Short, narrow, very erect and alert.
Eyes: Large, wide apart, bright, alert.
Neck: Trim, tapered, long, well-muscled and masculine, smoothly blending into other parts with no dewlap.
Body: Very deep, wide and angular; ribs well sprung and pointed to rear; sharp withers; wide chest; long, wide loin and rump with very slight slope.
Legs & Feet: Strong, straight, wide apart, firmly and squarely set. Feet small, clean, and true; upright pasterns.
Coat: Loose, pliable skin; hair longer, especially on back and thighs.
Colors: See doe
Reproductive Organs: Well-developed, well attached; two well-balanced, rudimentary teats.

National Breed Club

National Toggenburg Club

Debby O’Brian, Sec-Treas.
20020 Maxwell Road SE
Maple Valley, WA 98038
425-432-1021 (FAX)
Dues: $15


NTC promotes Toggenburgs through the All-American program (outstanding show stock), Production Awards: Bell Ringers (high milk & fat production), Show Reports (ADGA show wins), Linear Appraisal Reports (by herd), sponsorship of Specialty shows (reports & photos printed in Togg News) & through publication of an informative bimonthly newsletter. Members with outstanding show win animals, high linear appraisal scores & Production Testing records are recognized.



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  1. Lisa Littmann on February 22nd, 2013 5:00 am

    I am trying to find a site on which I can sell my toggenburg buck, that is specifically for registered goats. (Ex. NOT Craigslist) any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated!