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American Dairy Goat Breed Description

The Oberhasli is a Swiss dairy goat. This breed is medium size, vigorous and alert in appearance. Its color is chamoisee. Does may be black but chamoisee is preferred. Chamoisee is described as: Bay – ranging from light to a deep red bay with the latter most desirable. A few white hairs through the coat and about the ears are permitted. Markings are to be: two black stripes down the face from above each eye to a black muzzle; forehead nearly all black, black stripes from the base of each ear coming to a point just back of the poll and continuing along the neck and back as a dorsal stripe to the tail; a black belly and light gray to black udder; black legs below the knees and hocks; ears black inside and bay outside. Bucks often have more black on the head than does, black whiskers, and black hair along the shoulder and lower chest with a mantle of black along the back. Bucks frequently have more white hairs through the coat than does. The face is straight. A Roman nose is discriminated against.

Breed Description

The Oberhasli is a pure breed of dairy goat found in the Brienzer region of Switzerland near Bern, where it is known as the Oberhasli-Brienzer. It was formerly called the Swiss Alpine in the USA. It is shorter and heavier than the French Alpine, with a shorter, wider head. Its color is distinctive, being chamoisee, ranging from light bay to dark mahogany with black ears, facial stripes, dorsal stripe, bell, cannons and udder (after its been exposed to the sun.) It is less “leggy” than the Alpine, but not quite as compact as the Toggenburg may be.

ORIGIN: Switzerland.

Oberhasli Does
Conformation and General Appearance: Medium height, angular, vigorous, alert, gentle, graceful with aristocratic deer-like qualities.
Height: 28″ or more at withers
Head: Long, lean, clean-cut, dished or straight nose, broad muzzle.
Ears: Alert, erect, narrow, fine.
Neck: Long, slender, feminine; no dewlap.
Body: Long, angular, well-sprung ribs, deep and wide barrel, straight back, broad and long and slightly sloping rump, full and deep chest.
Legs & Feet: Neat, clean, wide apart, squarely set; strong and straight.
Colors: All black or chamoisee, which ranges from light bay to deep red or mahogany, with two black stripes from above the eyes down the face into a black muzzle; forehead nearly all black, black stripes from the base of each ear to a point behind the poles and continuing along the base of the neck and back as a dorsal stripe toward the tail. Belly is black and after freshening, udder will darken from exposure to light or sun. Black legs from below the knees, black inside, bay outside.
Udder: Capacious, rounded, well-attached, even, pliable, soft, well-delineated, widely-spaced teats.
Oberhasli Bucks
Conformation and General Appearance: Large, compact, masculine.
Height: 30″ or more at withers
Head: Long, lean, clean-cut, straight, broad
Ears: Alert, erect
Neck: Long, heavy, masculine
Body: Long, heavy, angular, well-sprung ribs, deep and wide barrel, straight back, full and deep chest, long and broad, level rump.
Legs & Feet: Wide apart, heavy, squarely set; strong, straight.
Colors: Any shade of red (chamoisee) with blacker head than does, including a black beard, black dorsal stripe, mantle, belly and lower legs.
Reproductive Organs: Well-developed, well attached, two even, rudimentary teats.

National Breed Club

Oberhasli Breeders of America

Jan Bothwell, Sec-Treas.
11620 Sunset Court
Montague, CA 96064
530-459-0409 (FAX)
Dues: $12


The Oberhasli Breeders of America is dedicated to the development, promotion, & advancement of the Oberhasli. The club is for the encouragement of closer fellowship among members through meetings, correspondence, and circulation of useful information, news, and ideas. Our awards programs include All-American, Specialty, & Swiss-Belle Awards. The newsletter is published five times yearly.


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